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Nidec SV TCL is committed to being environmentally responsible. From recycling programs at all of our facilities to establishing a greener supply chain, we are continually looking for ways to ensure that we are doing all we can to lessen our environmental impact.

Throughout the production of our probe cards, Nidec SV TCL complies with all environmental governances in each location and we reduce waste through the use of electronic manufacturing documents and marketing materials uploaded via our customer online portal. Nidec SV TCL is also in compliance with the recent Conflict Minerals regulation passed by the United States Congress, enacted to further the humanitarian goal of ending violent conflict in some countries over the mining of certain minerals.

Not only is Nidec SV TCL promoting sustainability within our global infrastructure, but we also look for vendors that are also more environmentally conscious.
Nidec SV TCL will continue to audit our environmental operations and practices so we can ensure that we have done our part to make the earth is a better place for generations to come.