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  • Vertical Space Transformers
    With our TrioTM vertical and LogicTouchTM fine pitch vertical technologies an interconnect, otherwise known as a space transformer (ST), is used between the printed circuit board and the probe head, transferring the test signal. Nidec SV TCL provides a variety of space transformers, each with its own specific benefits and applications. Nidec SV TCL offers a number of space transformer options including:

         • Wired & Advanced Wired (WST or AWST)
         • Rigid
            - Multi-Layer Ceramic (MLC)
            - Multi-Layer Organic (MLO)
         • Direct Attach
         • Modular (MST

    Modular Space Transformers (MSTTM) are Nidec SV TCL's most recent vertical ST innovation. Our MSTTM is unparalleled because it is an all-inclusive interconnect and contactor which replaces the MLC/MLO, reflow, interposer and wired transformer. Not only can the MST be utilized with the Trio and LogicTouch, but the SpringTouchTM as well.

    Contact your Nidec SV TCL representative so we can help you find the right Space Transformation product for your needs.