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  • LogicTouch™ MEMS

    The increase in device complexity, higher density and the shift towards advanced packaging has created a need for MEMS-based probe cards with much tighter pitches, higher parallelism and design flexibility. Nidec SV TCL's LogicTouchTM is suited perfectly for these types of advanced designs, a fine pitch technology utilizing a MEMS-style probes targeted for applications such as:

         • Small Pad
         • Tight Pitch
         • Multi-DUT Logic
         • Peripheral Pad/Array

    The LogicTouchTM extends the fine pitch and small pad capabilities of our Venture FXTM cantilever cards to address both the tight pitch and high parallelism with no chip design limitations. Contact your Nidec SV TCL Representative so we can help you find the right LogicTouch product for your vertical testing needs.