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  • CIS Probe Cards

    CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) allow camera functions in high tech tablets and smart phones. Nidec SV TCL provides both conventional and advanced versions of our CIS cards employing a wide variety of materials ensuring a durable cost-saving solution that can meet the fine pitch and multi-dut challenges of these devices. Other features and benefits include:

         • Proprietary ACTM Alloy Probes
         • Reduced Damage Under the Pad
         • High Frequency Capability
         • Better Alignment Stability

    Our advanced CIS card, the MultiplexerTM, is offered specifically for high density and high parallel applications. The Multiplexer
    TM is built with cantilever needles held into place on one side and shorter ACTM probes which lead to a more stable electrical characterization over other CIS probe card options.

    Contact your Nidec SV TCL Representative so we can help you find the right CIS product for your testing needs.